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Agility 4Nuts! Dog Agility West Cork

Classes starting 9th and 10th of September   2022. Please contact me if you are interested.


Welcome to West Cork Agility 4NUTS!

If you are looking for a new approach to dog agility... Don’t look further... you are in the right place!!

Dog agility is a great way to understand your dog and create that unique bond between dog and handler... everything else comes easy...

Everything your dog needs to know can be taught by tricks. And those tricks by the reward based method of shaping with a clicker... And Agility is only a bunch of tricks linked together (S.Trkman).

So, no more boring commands of Sit, down and stay.. No more dragging your dog over the obstacles on the leash... No more running after your dog to get it back to you... No more queuing waiting for your dog's turn over the obstacles...And at the same time a great way to exercise your dog physically and mentally

Everything is an energetic, funny, playful trick where you both learn at the same time...

Agility 4Nuts!
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