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About us

Vesta "Fire Keeper"


I named her after the roman goddess of the household and hearth...who gives you her blessings in exchange for the last bit of your meals.

And well.. She honours her name...when she is inside the house the place where you most probably find her is under the table waiting in case something falls unnoticed... :)

She is the reason for me being the person I am today... She taught me, patience and perseverance to the extremes.. And although our beginnings were mostly tears.. Today 5 years later those tears are from happiness...

She is strong-headed, stubborn and very, very smart...Just the right combination to have you on your toes and never forget what she is capable of, once she wants something...

At the beginning all she wanted was chasing birds, rabbits, cats....deer (still working on progress with the deer thing...) all but a ball or a toy...

Today, she is "The Girl!”

Number one chasing balls and catching them on the air, tugging as crazy in anything... and overall, loving playing with me in agility.

SHE IS THE LIVE PROOF THAT EVERY DOG CAN BE TRAINED and my most reliable and sweet companion dog.

Couldn’t be without her.

Mr. Darwin

He is my one in a million dog..

He is my soul mate, my best friend and my mind-reader.

He is the reason I started Agility and the reason why I love agility.

He is a cross between a border terrier and a border collie that my husband picked up from the pound 4 months later after her mother gave birth to 7 pups there.

He is a working dog in capital letters, no matter how long, when, where.. he is always willing to give his 120%... perfect man is TOO small to play agility with the big guys and at the moment we play only at home and when the jumps are at the minimum high allowed for Large..

Is more important his health than his performance in Agility.

Harpo de Loubajac

He is my long time dreamt dog that we picked up from France two Christmas ago.

He is the clown who makes me laugh every day the most.

He is my shadow and my bodyguard.

He is the live proof that dogs can love.

He is the sweetest thing on earth.

He is both at the same time... the bravest and the most coward of all of us..

He is my working project for life..

He is my big frog...

He is my pupil and my instructor...

He is the most difficult thing and the easiest thing I came across...

He is a reminder to be humble in life...

And he is my hope and my fear...

Love him to pieces and would never change him for anything.

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